Priscila Diaz _Wanders the Desert_ .JPG

Wanders the desert

Thread, Cotton, Ink


The work I present principally inspired by nature and the familiar that somehow draws and absorbs me. For my embroidery piece “Wanders the desert” I depict my imaginary view of the Atacama Desert in the north of Chile, hostile and sensational beauty. Yet beneath the surface of this moonscape lays a tragic shameful reconciled history. During the Pinochet dictatorship countless bodies of young and old were scattered in shallow trenches, leaving many families with loves ones that “disappeared”, unaccounted, families, mainly women until today continue to search for remains, lives driven by hope.

This imaginary image of the desert brings reflections of the complex times we are living around the globe, struggles for justice and reconciliation with murmurs of  “Je me souviens. "We do not forget, and will never forget, our ancient lineage, traditions, and memories of all the past."

Many layers of rich minerals with all unique colors and texture make up this landscape of this extended land that is covered by colorful skies.

Using paint and different thickness of threads I embroidered this piece that connected me to my roots and history.

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Priscila Diaz, born and raised in Santiago, Chile, in a family that instilled and cultivated a love and appreciation of the arts. Her family immigrated to Canada for a few years, enough to capture a young child’s mind. At age 20 she ventured alone back to Canada on her own to satisfy her insatiable curiosity and yearning for adventure.

She pursued studies in Arts & Design, which explores various, and modes often-unconventional techniques to achieve the rhythms and balance found consistently through her work. The use of color and texture of different materials inspired by nature are also some of the qualities found on her pieces. 

Priscila has also trained as an Expressive Art Therapist giving her the tools for further expansion into various communities in the pursuit of awakening creativity in others.

Priscila Diaz _Wanders the Desert_ .JPG
Priscila Diaz _Wanders the Desert_ .JPG