HombreSemilla All Around Us.jpg

Hombre Semilla

Thread, Cotton



This mixed media piece, "Hombre Semilla" is inspired in the symbiotic nature of a mother-son relationship and the impact this relationship has the resignifying of the new masculinities in our society. It is a piece that also honors my son´s transition into manhood at this moment of his life.
Embracing and taking on our motherhood responsibly, is to me, one of the most revolutionary seeds we can plant in this world. Our care, nourishment, "berraquera", words and actions should hopefully give harvest to transgenerational, grounded, mature and exceptional manhoods.


Ana Raquel is a multidisciplinary artist, a Photography graduate from the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), mother, educator and entrepreneur. 

Her artwork revolves around the different forms of life: maternity, gender resistance, cultural (Latin American) identity, the relationship between nature and humanity, childhood and social/political issues.  Throughout her artistic career she has explored with a vast variety of media and techniques such as photography , recycled material, public space interventions, performance, collage (analog and digital), make up and costume design, illustration, textiles and logo design.  

Her creative process is one that involves a lot of spontaneity but that requires a lot of exploration, in order to accomplish compositions in which figure, concept and color play harmoniously and poetically. 


HombreSemilla All Around Us.jpg
HombreSemilla All Around Us.jpg